Did You Know?

The Knight’s Closet is a room in the high school full of donations for any middle school or high school student in need.  Donated items include assorted clothing, shoes, toiletries and hygiene items, backpacks, school supplies, and some non-perishable food items.

All of the items are free to students. They can access this resource through a referral to the Counseling Office.  Students can refer themselves in the Counseling Office if they are in need of any items; parents/guardians can refer their students as well.  Teachers may also refer students if they notice that a student is in need of supplies or other resources.

The Closet is stocked, organized, and inventoried by our Life Skills students.  Donations have been made by our teachers and local businesses. If you would like more information about the Knight’s Closet, or know of a student in need, contact Marrisa Damon at [email protected] or at (724)352-1700 x 4653.