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Behind-the-Wheel Driver's Education @ Knoch

Knoch High School is a PennDOT-approved Driver Testing site. Students are eligible to test for their license at the end of their six hours of behind-the-wheel training. The test can be administered after the eligibility date found on their permit. Students must have also completed their 65 hours of driving. 

In addition to the six hours of behind-the-wheel training, Knoch students are required to complete either Safety Education or the Online Drivers Education course before the test according to PennDot regulations. 

Students can sign up for the behind-the-wheel training on Skyward. They will need to enter their eligibility date from their permit on the registration form. If they do not have a permit, they will need to enter the date when they turn 16. It is recommended to spread the lessons out over the six months as their skills develop. However, they are not required to spread the lessons out; this is simply a recommendation. They can schedule close to the eligibility date. Lessons will start with local roads and parallel parking. Highway driving and merging will be practiced. Suburban and city driving will be taught as students are ready to progress.

Students will go out two at a time after school, and each receives an hour of driving in the two-hour lesson. Driving dates can be selected on Skyward.  The cost for each student is $350.00 which can be paid through Skyward with a credit card or by a check written out to the Knoch School District.  This payment must be received prior to the beginning of the scheduled session.  

The behind-the-wheel license test cannot be given until a student is eligible. Students should try to schedule their last lesson on their eligibility date. If that date is not available, other arrangements will be made after school. The test will be in the last half hour of their last lesson. It includes parallel parking and a drive around the area. The Knoch Driver’s Education car will be used throughout. 

If a driver completes the Knoch test course, their permit will be stamped and become a legal license. It will be legal to drive alone at that point. The new camera card will be mailed to them from PennDOT.


Driving-related questions will be can be emailed to Mr. Taylor at [email protected]. Scheduling-related questions should be directed to the Athletic office.